Performance Metrics For Serious Angular Applications

Get a clear picture of how your Angular application performs in your customers' browsers.

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Angular is special. It allows you to build value fast and iterate quickly. Now you can get the missing part - performance metrics in an easy to act on format! See how your clients experience your product. Find and eliminate performance problems. Make your customers happier!

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Easy to install

And totally transparent for the end-user.

It is a matter of adding a small snippet of Javascript code into your application. After that our javascript agent begins to listen to Angular events and record $digest cycle metrics. It sends all gathered statistics periodically to our analytics servers in the background, so your application performance is not affected.

Do what you love

Spend you precious time building value.

Stop wasting your time on trying to figure out what causes slow scrolling or completely freezes your app on a mobile phone. Instead get clear answer on what is happening, drill down to specific page, client browser, device. Find the lowest hanging fruit and take care of it.

Performant app

Is what keeps your customers happy.

Keep improving your application as you go. Take care of most important issues affecting most of your customers first using real-world usage metrics as a feedback loop.

Happy customers will love your performant product!

Easy to use Metrics Dashboard
Auto generated reports for management
Seamlessly integrate into your existing ng-app
Full Control
Customize agent Javascript to fit your needs
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